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Pitching to agents and publishers

One thing I love about writing is that I'm always learning new information. Not just research about water recycling systems or how aquaponics works to feed the characters in my underground city. Every day I learn something new about the publishing industry. And today I'm sharing what I've learned this week with other writers. Manuscript Wish List is a website where agents and publishers list what they're looking for right now. This is like the best thing I've discovered for a while.       You can access it here It's easy to use, select whether you're looking for genres or publishers or agents. There you'll find requests for manuscripts such as YA, MG, sci-fi, romance. It's a great resource to fast track the blanket query process. Good luck! D L Richardson

Giveaway - YA spy adventure novel Feedback

Yikes, there is only 11 days left to enter the Giveaway. Hosted by D L Richardson and Night Owl Reviews. Have you entered yet. 1 Print Copy up for grabs.  

Science fiction predicts...

It started out as a discussion group on Amazon. "Who likes Apocalyptic fiction and why?" I asked this question and received so many great recommendations for books to read. Why did I ask this question in the first place? Because I'm writing two different sci-fi apocalyptic novels at the moment, and I really wanted to know that I had an audience. A writer's worst nightmare is to write a book that nobody wants to read. Yet, often its a case of nobody being able to find your book in the highway jam that is the internet. THE VIRTUAL WATER COOLER Everyone will tell you that word of mouth is still the best way to sell a book. The industry is clogged with books. Just like the highway, the jam is full of good cars and bad cars, and the online book industry is the same. Asking a question like "Who likes Apocalyptic fiction and why?" on an Amazon discussion group was the best way for me to get a list of books to purchase. This is the word of mouth that advertis