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Can a writer get an agent through pitching queries?

Can a writer get an agent through pitching via their submission guidelines?   No not that sort of pitch     The first question I ask myself is, can I even get an agent submitting to them through the slush pile? There’s growing evidence that pitching to agents at writer’s conventions is the only way to go. Personal contact is key to securing an agent, but since I live in Australia and I’m not heading to New York in the near future, submitting via the agent’s submissions inbox is the only way I can do this. And I have to believe that it’s possible, otherwise why would agents even have a submissions page? My husband is a fisherman, and there’s a saying he tells his clients. You’ll catch more fish with more lures in the water. And he’s right. When I first began pitching to agents, I had written one novel. So everything hinged on landing a publishing deal with one novel. I was lucky in that The Bird With The Broken Wing was accepted by a publisher after 18 pitches to a m