Thursday, 29 September 2016

Why I submitted to Kindle Scout

I can't even exactly recall how I learned about Kindle Scout and it was only a few days ago. I checked it out, much like you're probably doing right now, and weighed up the pros and cons of giving exclusive ebook rights to one company.

There are a few reasons I chose to submit.

Reason number One:

I must confess, it's been 3 years since my last novel was published. In the meantime, I've self published an omnibus, a novella, a short story was published in a charity anthology, and I loaded all my short stories to my website as free reads. But they aren't part of my writing goal.

When my first novel The Bird With The Broken Wing was published by Etopia Press is 2011, I had a plan to publish one novel per year, heck two if I could get the time to write. In 2012, Feedback was published by Etopia Press. In 2013, I pitched Little Red Gem to agents and publishers and the response was overwhelmingly against paranormal romance because editors were (and I quote) "suffering from paranormal fatigue". Nothing could change their mind, except time. Which I didn't have. My plan was one book per year. So a friend suggested I self publish.

So the number one reason I submitted Welcome To The Apocalypse to Kindle Scout, I want to finish 2016 off with a published book. This book has been through pitching and edits and it needs to be read. So whether it's accepted in Kindle Press or not, look out for this series. Book Two is ready for edits.

Reason number Two:

Kindle scout offers an advance to writers who are successful. Who couldn't use an advance? Small press and indie publishers rarely pay advances. The big publishers do but it can be difficult to get past their gatekeepers. That advance is really gonna help with promotion. And they estimate authors can earn decent royalties over the 5 year contract. I imagine it's going to involve loads more promotion, hence the advance, but I'm up for it.

Now for some of the pros and cons.

  • The advance and the chance to earn some decent money.
  • It's backed by Kindle Amazon, and since they have an invested interest they're probably gonna back it up with presence on their site.
  • If the book is successful and you attract hundreds of nominations, each reader gets a free copy of the ebook and they're invited to leave a review. So the incentive to create a good campaign is there.
  • It's good practice for an author to create a marketing plan.
  • It's a fast turn around. 45 days to know if you'll be published or not, is pretty fast, considering some publishers can take 9 months to get back to you.

  • Publish with Kindle Press and you hand over all electronic rights. So no B&N, no Kobo, no other ebook retailer, just Amazon. I've seen my royalties from other sites. I'm still not convinced that is a Con.
  • As one author stated in his post Kindle scout blog, if you attract 1300 nominations, and if you're NOT successful, then Kindle Press sends an email that basically tells 1300 people that your book sucked.
  • For the 30 day campaign, you are probably not writing. You're probably checking the results, driving people to the Kindle Scout site, sending emails to friends, bloggers.
You can learn more about the Kindle Scout program here.

Part one of my Kindle Scout thread can be read here. I'll keep posting and share marketing tips along the way. What's working, what isn't.

And if you're thinking of submitting or already in the campaign, Good Luck!

D L Richardson

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

"Welcome to the Apocalypse" has 30 days to impress the Kindle Scouts
"Welcome to the Apocalypse" has 30 days to impress the Kindle Scouts
Starting Sept 28 2016.
My sci-fi novel "Welcome To The Apocalypse" has been approved for a 30 day campaign with Kindle Scout, an imprint of Amazon. I'm hoping you can help me WIN nominations.
How the campaign works is similar to So You Think You Can Dance or American Idol or X-Factor. Readers get to vote on a book in the program. Votes count towards publication.
Why should readers vote? If the book is published through Kindle Scout, every reader who nominated gets a free ebook of "Welcome To The Apocalypse", an advanced copy prior to publication.
I'm backing this campaign with newsletters, Twitter ads, Facebook ads, and emailing bloggers and friends to support this campaign. And, of course, a giveaway. Everyone who nominates via the giveaway gets a chance to win $50 cash.
Campaign starts Sep 28 and ends Oct 28.
Thank you for supporting this campaign. Even if I don't win a publishing deal, I've had a blast. And you can still purchase my Young Adult novels.
Look out for "Welcome To The Apocalypse" Book 1 and Book 2.

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Sunday, 25 September 2016

My tribute to horror movies

I recently watched The Woman In Black on Netflix. I saw a local play adaptation of the book by Susan Hill a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed. The movie was scarier.
So I decided I'd reflect on some of the horror movies I've watched over the years (some not in chronological order of course, since I was a toddler in the 70s) and share with you just a few of the movies I've watched and enjoyed. If one can enjoy being scared to death, that is.
And I have come to the conclusion that there is a definite decline in good horror movies. We need more. Who agrees? Or do I just need to watch more.
My tribute to horror movies.
I watched this by myself. (Must find some friends who like to watch scary movies.) I had to switch it off and finish it during the day. Why do I keep doing this to myself? 
The prequel to Aliens. It got scary when I saw the connection to Aliens, which is still a freakishly good horror franchise.
It's shameful to admit that I haven't seen too many horror movies of late. I blame the decline of local video stores. They were good at stocking horror movies.
Another movie I started watching and had to stop every time the creepy music started. I absolutely loved this movie. Nicole Kidman was great. 
The moment this movie started I loved it. Thought the ending was brilliant. Had to watch it during the day though because of the people hanging themselves and the damned ghost talking to Cole.
Bank robbers, vampires, Clooney and Tarantino. Enough said.
Based on the novel by Anne Rice, which I loved. Movie stars Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, vampires, gorgeous costumes. Not real scary though.
A brilliant psychological dark movie, made freakishly scary because it could be real.
Based on a Clive Barker book "Cabal". Read the book many years later.
Evil Dead 3. Just had to watch it. Stupid, but had to watch it.
Starring Kevin Bacon who is awesome in everything. Sort of like Dune in mid west America.
Plus all these...
Tales From The Darkside - The Movie
Predator 2
Night of the Living Dead
The Ring

Man, the 90s were good for horror movies.
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Could not sleep for weeks. What a brilliant franchise.
Another movie I watched in the afternoon with the family. No wonder I turned out the way I did. This was family entertainment. Loved it! Even years later when I watched it with my husband. He doesn’t get horror movies. He was like “the effects are pretty shit”. I just rolled my eyes. Yeah, it was the 80s man.
Dead and Buried
I remember watching this with my parents, my dad let me stay up late to watch it. Not sure why, but I loved it. To be honest I can’t even remember the zombie bit, just the bit about the townsfolk killing visitors and wrapping them in bandages.
I watched this with my best friends, Vicki and Susan. I have a better appreciation of Pinhead these days. Back then, he terrified me. Also had a better understanding of what they meant by hell.
Evil Dead
I watched this with my best friend Vicki. She fed me my addiction. Evil Dead 2 and 3 are not as memorable, but you can't keep a good demon down.

Plus all these...
The Shining
The Thing
An American Werewolf in London
The Howling
The Lost Boys
Fright Night
Halloween II
Friday the 13th
Pet Semetary
Evil Dead 11

The 80s were awesome for scare flicks. 
The Exorcist
When A Stranger Calls

 Thanks for sharing these memories with me. What are your favourite horror movies.