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Why I submitted to Kindle Scout

I can't even exactly recall how I learned about Kindle Scout and it was only a few days ago. I checked it out, much like you're probably doing right now, and weighed up the pros and cons of giving exclusive ebook rights to one company. There are a few reasons I chose to submit. Reason number One: I must confess, it's been 3 years since my last novel was published. In the meantime, I've self published an omnibus, a novella, a short story was published in a charity anthology, and I loaded all my short stories to my website as free reads. But they aren't part of my writing goal. When my first novel The Bird With The Broken Wing was published by Etopia Press is 2011, I had a plan to publish one novel per year, heck two if I could get the time to write. In 2012, Feedback was published by Etopia Press. In 2013, I pitched Little Red Gem to agents and publishers and the response was overwhelmingly against paranormal romance because editors were (and I quote) &

"Welcome to the Apocalypse" has 30 days to impress the Kindle Scouts

    "Welcome to the Apocalypse" has 30 days to impress the Kindle Scouts Starting Sept 28 2016.   My sci-fi novel "Welcome To The Apocalypse" has been approved for a 30 day campaign with Kindle Scout, an imprint of Amazon. I'm hoping you can help me WIN nominations. How the campaign works is similar to So You Think You Can Dance or American Idol or X-Factor. Readers get to vote on a book in the program. Votes count towards publication. Why should readers vote? If the book is published through Kindle Scout, every reader who nominated gets a free ebook of "Welcome To The Apocalypse", an advanced copy prior to publication. I'm backing this campaign with newsletters, Twitter ads, Facebook ads, and emailing bloggers and friends to support this campaign. And, of course, a giveaway. Everyone who nominates via the giveaway gets a chance to win $50 cash.   Campaign starts Sep 28 and ends Oct 28.     Thank you for s

My tribute to horror movies

I recently watched The Woman In Black on Netflix. I saw a local play adaptation of the book by Susan Hill a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed. The movie was scarier.   So I decided I'd reflect on some of the horror movies I've watched over the years (some not in chronological order of course, since I was a toddler in the 70s) and share with you just a few of the movies I've watched and enjoyed. If one can enjoy being scared to death, that is. And I have come to the conclusion that there is a definite decline in good horror movies. We need more. Who agrees? Or do I just need to watch more.   My tribute to horror movies.   2010s   The Woman In Black I watched this by myself. (Must find some friends who like to watch scary movies.) I had to switch it off and finish it during the day. Why do I keep doing this to myself?     Prometheus The prequel to Aliens. It got scary when I saw the connection to Aliens, which is still a freakishly good