Tuesday, 18 October 2016

10 days left to nominate Welcome to the Apocalypse for Kindle Press - Ready Player One for adults

10 days left to nominate Welcome To The Apocalypse for a Kindle Press publishing contract.

Ready Player One for adults. For fans of The Matrix.

About 15 days left till we find out if we were successful.

If yes, you get a free ebook and you can say you helped. You'll be there at the start of this sci-fi series.

I'm already working on book Two, so successful with Kindle Press or not, Book One will be out in time for Christmas. I've already got people lining up for the print edition.

So, just to recap. Here is the final blurb:

"Players. Welcome to the apocalypse…"
Kelly Lawrence is a grieving widow.
Jack Minnow is a website designer.
Reis Anderson is the son of a senator. 
Each of these players has their own reasons for signing up to The Apocalypse Games, a state of the art virtual game designed to entertain doomsday preppers, gamers, and
cosplayers. Altogether, over 100 people enter NASA designed simulation pods and hook up to the mainframe computer with one goal: survive 24 hours of an apocalypse.
Instead of game over at the end, they’re plugged straight into a new game. Then another. It’s clear the computer has malfunctioned. What’s not clear is why. With no communication to or from the outside operators, they can only fight endless battles and hope they’re rescued before it’s too late. While they can’t die inside the
game, they can die if the pods break down while they’re still hooked up. 
This game of survival just got real.
Here is the final version of the cover:
And here is the link so you can nominate:
Thank you for your support.


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