Thursday, 20 October 2016

Coffee chat with Nicola Field, author of The Prodigal - Aussie indie author spotlight

So far this month we've met some awesome Aussie authors. We've got more to come.
Nicola Field is a Canberra writer. As well as writing, she works for a local Hearing Service Provider and has lived with hearing loss since childhood. This encouraged her to write her first short work on living with hearing loss. "Diversity" in characters is something many publishers and agents are seeking right now. I wanted to ask Nicola how she felt about writers without disabilities writing characters with disabilities, and her answer is below.

Please welcome Nicole to my virtual coffee room. I've just poured my cup of coffee into my bar mug that I purchased while at Lake Louise Canada last February.  

DL: Firstly, since this a virtual coffee chat, how do you have your coffee? Are you a morning or afternoon person?

Nicola: I love my Nespresso!  I have to have my morning cap with breakfast.  Bit of coffee snob, I have to admit.
DL: There is such a call these days for diverse characters, including those with disabilities. How do you feel when you read about an able bodied writer writing about a character overcoming a disability? Do you feel any exposure to diversity is good, or does it inspire you to write the story right?

Nicola: I feel that exposure to diversity in the use of our characters can help to make people see others in a fresh new light.  We need to be able to venture our of own little world and see things from another’s point of view. Having a disability doesn’t mean we are devoid of feeling or emotion.  It just means to do things differently and need a bit of hand sometimes.

DL: I'm a huge fan of Jamie Summers, the Bionic woman. Watched the TV show every day as a child. I loved how she had super hearing. Is there technology out there for super hearing?

Nicola: Wouldn’t that be exciting!  We would all be hearing what we really say about each other!  Seriously, technology is amazing and has changed the lives of so many people.  To be able to engage with others socially and be involved in the conversation can be the difference between living life and just existing.  Hearing loss is very isolating and technology has broken that invisible bubble that separates us from the world.

DL: "The Prodigal" is a thriller. Can you tell us where the idea for this story came from.

Nicola: I started working on "The Prodigal" when I was about 18 years old.  I loved the idea of a secret organisation, Foundation, and loved the idea of people helping others without anyway knowing.  It developed as I got into the story, and it was fun to see it take shape.  It’s been a long project, and I am excited to finally have it published after so long. 

DL: And last question, what is your favourite biscuit and/or cake at the moment?

Nicola: Cheesecake!  I am a sucker for cheesecake.  My name is Nicola and I am a cheesecakeaholic.

Now that you've met Nicole, let's check out her latest book "The Prodigal"

"Joshua Adams, an agent in the underground law enforcement group the Foundation, is about to be given the case of his life.  The son of their President, who was kidnapped as a child, has returned thirty years later.  Can Joshua find the truth behind why one of their own took him?  Can he bring home the Prodigal?”

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  1. Thanks for the interview Nicola - and Debbie. I've being making a more conscious choice about including characters with disabilities in a positive way in at least some of my stories, so your thoughts about this are encouraging, Nicola. The premise of Prodigal is intriguing - as a matter of interest, does your book included hearing impaired characters?