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Coffee chat with Aussie indie author David Coe, author of "1,101 Words2Watch" writer resource

The coffee chats have been hugely successful in highlighting Aussie indie authors of fiction, non-fiction, horror, historical, sci-fi, books for adults readers and younger readers. I'm an advocate of reading outside the genre your write, and reading widely and everything, so it's been a delight to showcase a broad range of genres and authors. Today's coffee chat is with David Coe . David is an accomplished presenter, author, editor, animation producer, and script writer who quickly gets to the intellectual and emotional core of a business case. He's also the author of "1,101 Words2Watch", a great resource for writers everywhere. And finally, someone else who drinks coffee! Read earlier coffee chats if you want to know what I'm talking about. Welcome David, DL: Firstly, since this a virtual coffee chat, how do you have your coffee? DAVID: Latte please DL: Are you a morning or afternoon person? DAVID: Afternoon DL: As a m

Coffee chat with Aussie author Karen J Carlisle

Good morning everyone! It's Thursday, and that means I'm inviting another Aussie author into my virtual café. Firstly, I can't believe how many people are not coffee drinkers! Maybe I should invite authors around for a glass of wine instead.   Today's coffee chat is with Karen J Carlisle. She is an Adelaide writer, artist, gardener, chocoholic, and tea lover. Karen writers speculative fiction including steampunk, Victorian mystery, and fantasy.   DL: Firstly, since this a virtual coffee chat, how do you have your coffee? Are you a morning or afternoon person? KAREN: Coffee doesn’t agree with me. Do you mind if I make mine a hot cup of tea instead? Black. No sugar, please. When I was a kid, my great granddad used to make us tea and tell us stories of ‘home’, in a thick Scot accent. I remember him each time I have a cup, so it’s just not a steampunk thing. I’m not a morning person. I struggle to function before 9 am. A good cup of tea helps. I’m more of

For Review: Welcome to the Apocalypse, sign up at Sci Fi and Scary

The Apocalypse Games is a state of the art virtual game designed to entertain doomsday preppers, gamers, and cosplayers. Over 100 people enter simulation pods and hook up to the computer with one goal: survive 24 hours of an apocalypse. Instead of game over at the end, they’re plugged straight into a new game. Then another. It’s clear the computer has malfunctioned. What's not clear is why.     For fans of The Hunger Games, Ready Player One, Robopocalypse   SIGN UP HERE Release date: November 21, 2016 Genre:  post apocalyptic sci-fi     D L Richardson is an author of paranormal books for teens, and author of apocalyptic and dystopian sci-fi books for adults. Lover of coffee, music, and animals. Lives in Australia with her husband and dog. WELCOME TO THE APOCALYPSE - PANDORA avail now: for fans of Robopocalypse, The Hunger Games, Ready Player One, World War Z.  

Coffee chat with AnneMarie Brear, Aussie author of historical fiction

Welcome to AnneMarie Brear, author of historical and contemporary romance novels, plus the odd short story.   AnneMarie has wonderful news to share on the coffee chat today. She is one of a number of authors chosen to be published by Norwegian publisher, Cappelen Damm. Her book, " Where Dragonflies Hover ", will be translated and published in Norway!   This is many author's dream to have books translated into foreign languages, so please join me in congratulating AnneMarie on this achievement. DL: Firstly, since this a virtual coffee chat, how do you have your coffee? Are you a morning or afternoon person? AnneMarie: Definitely a morning person. I find I get more things done in the morning. I have a coffee machine at home, so I enjoy a nice cappuccino with no sugar.   DL: You have an impressive list of novels. 14 now, I believe. Does the writing get faster and easier with each new book, or do you still face the same challenges? A

D L Richardson, Online store set up for Australian buyers of books

If you’re an Australian reader, you might notice something if you visit my website and click on the link to buy my books. I’ve set up my own online store.   As a self-published author, my books are uploaded to Create Space which is affiliated with Amazon. Create Space does offer the option to sell my book to other online sites where Aussie readers shop, such as Book Depository, Fishpond,  Angus & Robertson, Booktopia, Wheelers etc. However, the payment amount I receive is abysmal. 53c for a book that you’ve paid $22 for. The gap is too great to make this a viable option. So I’ve set up an online store where you can purchase the books through paypal and these are delivered in two ways – if I have stock I’ll post it via Australia Post, if I don’t have stock I’ll get it shipped directly from Create Space by purchasing the book at the author discounted price.   I hope you can understand my reasoning behind this. I want to ensure that Aussie readers aren’t penalised for

Coffee chat with Aussie author Belinda Crawford, sci-fi author of The Hero Rebellion by Odyssey Books

I'm back from holidays and the coffee chats are lined up ready to go. Thanks for waiting while I soaked up the sun. Let's continue with the coffee chats highlighting Aussie authors. It's my pleasure today to have Belinda Crawford in my virtual café. Belinda is a self-confessed geek who loves Star Wars and Doctor Who DL: Firstly, since this a virtual coffee chat, how do you have your coffee? Are you a morning or afternoon person? Belinda: Actually, I’m a tea drinker and I like it when it comes in a pot, preferably Lady Grey with plenty of milk on the side. Or, if it’s on offer, a nice flavoursome chai brewed the traditional way (in milk on the stove). I am definitely not a morning person, at least not for the first hour. By the time I’ve thrown the cats outside (pity those poor beasts), fed horses and had breakfast, the neural pathways that facilitate speech have warmed up and I’m usually capable of communicating in more than grunts and growls.