Welcome to the Apocalypse - Hot New Release on Amazon

For anyone wanting to check out what happens AFTER Kindle Scout campaign has ended...Welcome to the Apocalypse (the book Kindle Scout said no to) has hit #5 on Amazon Hot New Releases Sci-fi tie ins. I just have to share this.
Good things can come from being told no.
"Welcome to the Apocalypse - Book One - Pandora". is released Nov 21, 2016.
The introductory price for this ebook is 99c.
For fans of Ready Player One, Robopocalypse, The Hunger Games

Genre: apocalyptic sci-fi
Pages: ebook: 327 / print: 468
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Print avail Create Space, Amazon US, Amazon UK

Tell your friends that Book One of this great new series is only 99c in ebook format for a limited time.

Add this book to your Christmas gift list or to your holiday reading pile.


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