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Is gambling the new culture of indie publishing?

I thought I'd write a quick blog post in response to the recent Goodreads announcement to charge upwards of $119 for indie authors to host a giveaway. I said quick, but it has become a longer post, because I'm very concerned about this new "gambling" culture that is sneaking its way into the publishing world. Goodreads was bought out by Amazon a few years ago. We have all been waiting to see where this venture would head. It seems that it's following the trend of encouraging authors to gamble their money in the hopes of making sales, attaining reviews, getting exposure, punching through that glass ceiling. Not a lot of indie authors are happy with the announcement by Goodreads and we're making our dissatisfaction known. But will it make any difference? Or will authors in ten years time be saying "we need to stop this culture of exploitation and paying for promises that are never delivered". I call this the 'golden ticket' sales approach. There…

Coffee chat with Cat Sparks - author of Lotus Blue (Part 2)

Last week I hosted award-winning fiction author and former magazine editor and manager, Cat Sparks into my vitual café. She had so much to discuss about climate change fiction that I decided to split the coffee chat into two parts.

Here is a link to PART ONE.


DL: I can't help thinking that reports on climate change are something world leaders are treating as indifferently as an annual health check up. Like they can't see the damage so why change their habits now, or they're waiting until they have a heart attack to do something about it. I'd also like to think that maybe it'd take a major disaster to wake them up, but major disasters are already happening. Do you think climate change fiction will play a role in inciting today's generation into demanding that our leaders do something? And what do you think is the biggest threat for the world right now?

CAT: There have been notable incidences where fiction impacted strongly enough on readers in the past, eno…

"Obliterate" release day - L.L. Hunter's Hidden Magic series

Today's it's my pleasure to shine the spotlight on L. L Hunter's urban fantasy/ paranormal romance novella series, "Hidden Magic". Hidden Magic is a series of novellas and a prequel to L.L. Hunter's "Dragon Heart" series. THE STORY
Emma thought she’d made peace with herself and her past, but when her past comes back to haunt her, she’ll be forced to face her demons once more.
When she is turned unexpectedly mortal, she and Darcy reluctantly return to the world she fled to seek help. But when they arrive, Emma is confronted with a choice. One which, if she chooses wrongly, could come between her and Darcy forever.
Emma never met a challenge she couldn’t handle. She once ran from her destiny, but she can’t escape her fate.  You can’t obliterate your demons.
These fabulous covers are designed by Desiree DeOrto. This blog tour is hosted by Lady Amber's Reviews & PR.


Dear Trophy Hunter, this is what a house of animal memorabilia looks like

Any animal lover on Facebook and Twitter will have seen the news feeds this week about lifting the ban on elephant hunting and the feeds about making it legal to hunt bears in hibernation. Seriously? What. The. Hell. Is. Wrong. With. These. People?
Whether fake news or not, these sorts of stories impact animal lovers. Deeply. I guess they know this and that's why they do it.
I decided today's post would be a collection of all the animals décor in my house to show trophy hunters what a real collection looks like. And if it's the story they seek as a reason to hunt innocent creatures, I got news for you, each of these items has a story behind it and no animals were killed in the collecting of them.  I love the story behind this gorgeous art deco elephant. A friend gave  it to me as a thank you for minding her dog. He passed away the next year so this is a beautiful reminder of when Bruti came to stay.

And this stunning zebra print has a story. I saw this while I was working as …