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Review of Suicide Squad the movie

Pop culture is such that we often know something about a movie before we've even watched it. As is the case with Suicide Squad. Recently at SupaNova Sydney, there were many Harley Quinn and Joker characters walking around. I hadn't yet seen the movie but I knew who these characters were. I finally got around to watching Suicide Squad, a movie based on DC comics antiheroes, directed by David Ayer. Main stars: Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and Jared Leto. I'm an Aussie so it's always wonderful to see an Aussie actress like Margot doing great in Hollywood. Watching it, I'm like "Go Margot" like I know her personally or something. It's an Aussie thing. Like that's "our Russell" or "our Margot" or "our Nicole". Go Margot!! Plotline: In the aftermath of Superman 's death, an elite squad of dangerous criminals is created to fight the metahumans and save the world from a powerful threat, in exchange for reduced s

“I’m off to see the wizard” - author heads to the city for pop culture event

Hello from Down Under! I live in Australia. In particular, on the south eastern coast in a regional area. It’s anywhere from a 4.5 to 5 hour drive to the city. That’s like a plane trip from LA to New York. A road trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. A drive from London to Wales. You get the picture. Australia is a big continent and city life is as busy as anywhere else in the world. Which is why, 10 years ago I decided to move out of the city and head to a coastal town in order to give myself more time to write. I’ve achieved this goal with three YA novels, 2 sci-fi books, short stories and novellas and many more in the works. Coastal life has its advantages. It also has its disadvantages. It’s a long drive to writer conventions and pop culture shows. That’s why I’m super excited. Next weekend I'm making the trek back to the big smoke to join the overwhelming live circuit of SupaNova. And I can't wait. When an author friend of mine suggested we share a t

SupaNova Sydney - June 16-18. Here I come

When an author friend of mine suggested we share a table at SupaNova, I jumped at the chance. Eagerly we booked our spots like a million years ago, and this may or not have contributed to our location at the event. We are right in front of the Comic Book Super Stars and one of the rooms where the main guests will be appearing. Talk about awesome location for two little indie authors from the coastal regional area of NSW.   What is it? SupaNova, Popculture convention. Australia’s largest producer of pop culture live events for “Supa-Fans” of Movies, TV Shows, Celebrity Meet & Greets, Toys/Collectables, Gaming, Artists, Tech, Apps, YouTube Stars, Wrestling and more. When is it?   Friday 16 to Sunday 18 June 2017   Where is it:   Olympic Park, Homebush, Sydney Australia   Who is going to be there?   They have some fabulous people coming to the show.   Chris Helmsworth Ricky Whittle (Lincoln from The 100) Dean Cain Teri Hatche

June "Super Series" spotlight- multi author event

    Series are popular with readers. Books, TV, Movies...but it can be like walking through a busy market with everyone trying to get your attention to know where to begin with a new series.   There's a reason we love series. They take us on a bigger picture journey. But a reader has to invest a long period of their time and the author has to engage the reader over a long period of time.   I thought I'd do a spotlight on books in a series. These may be Book 1 or Book 2 in a series, but they are all part of a bigger picture story.   This is a small selection, so there's no reason not to click on each and every book to discover if you or your friends would like to join this journey. I hope you find some new series to enjoy. SCIENCE FICTION - APOCALYPTIC / DYSTOPIAN Welcome to the Apocalypse - CyberNexis (Book 2) Getti