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An author's journal - getting healthy

I started recording my daily eating and exercise routine to keep myself on track. I find it's working. However updating the log daily takes up time. So I'll keep a track and only post it once a week.

I also may not get around to writing down every meal, but I'll share techniques I'm using to help me "lose the caboose". For example, last night at dinner, my husband and I went to a Chinese restaurant. Usually we get the honey chicken (it's deep fried chicken pieces drizzled in honey sauce). It's delicious. And we eat it with fried rice.

Our Friday night once a week if we're lucky eat-out dining experience:
I swapped deep fried chicken for sizzling chicken in Szechuan sauce and I ate mostly vegetables anyway.
I swapped fried rice for boiled rice.
I only had 1 spring roll and 1 dim sim instead of 2 pieces each.

Our binge movie watching experience:
Normally when the husband and I sit down to watch movies, we break out the popcorn and maybe other snacks. This time we sat and watched it without popcorn. I know, I hear you say, how could I?

The weekend dog walk:
Instead of just walking the dog, I called up a friend who also has a dog and we took them down to the beach. There's a really long beach to walk along. That took us an hour return. all that walking on the sand was felt days later.

Now for the confessions. 4 days of discipline is easy to achieve. After that, life interrupts, and while I'm conscious of changing my eating patterns, yes it's more salad and vegetables with dinner, I've also broken my goal of drinking when not socialising. Can I share why? I'm feeling a bit down from the loss of hope I've been experiencing. Most movie and book plots follow a structure. Character in the real world. Inciting incident. Call to adventure. All is lost.

I'm also at the disillusioned stage. I cancelled a podcast because 'what's the point?' was all I could think of.

I'm at this 'all is lost' and 'disillusioned' stage. Most authors live here or at least visit it. We want something. We work hard to get it. We don't get it. At the end of the day, success relies on a lot of luck. So I'm feeling unlucky. And I'm licking my wounds. With scotch. And wine. But not cheese. I am not a fan of the dairy industry and the way it treats animals so I will not go down without my principles at least.

Note to self. Get past the 'all is lost' phase and move into the 'battle' phase. It's all any of us can do. I've passed the point of 'no return'. Now I need to make it to the 'achieve goal' stage.

So it's true, perfect health really is about the mind, the body, and the spirit.

More on this journey next week.


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