Oz Comic-Con 2017, artist alley update by D L Richardson

Event: Oz comic-Con Sydney
Date: Sep 30 to Oct 1, 2017
Location: Darling Harbour
Reason: sell books and merchandise, meet new fans and authors
It was an eventful weekend, starting with my trip up to Sydney. I left home and for a start, this was a long weekend so traffic up the coast was heavy. Then I only made it one hour north when the traffic came to a standstill. A truck had just overturned. I’ve seen these type of accidents take hours to clear. So I turned around and headed inland to go to Sydney via Goulburn from Batemans Bay. Traffic was so bad, I drove past my hours two hours after leaving. The rest of the road trip was pleasant, except when I was 24 klms out from the venue, the traffic came to a very slow crawl due to an accident. I honestly wondered if this wasn’t a sign telling me to turn around and go home. But what doesn’t kill you…
I finally made it, not late actually, I arrived at my predicted time to load in the gear then I headed to the hotel to heck in and then out again to grab a bite to eat. Dinner that night set my tradition for the next two nights. I found myself returning to Mad Mex in the Harbourside complex because it wasn’t crowded, the food was fast, and it was Mexican with alcohol. What’s NOT to love about that?
Day One provided a few surprises. My first customer sought me ought because he’d heard I was there, he’d heard only great things about Welcome to the Apocalypse, and he purchased Books 1 and 2. I told him I’d have book 3 ready for SupaNova Sydney. This made my day. Then I had a ‘blast from the past’ with a surprise visit from an old friend. Someone I hadn’t seen in 17 years and I hadn’t expected to see again, someone from my childhood and my days as a musician. It was really nice to briefly catch up. 
 The cosplay outfits were amazing.
 My table was full of goodies.
More surprises when another customer came to buy Book 2 of Welcome to the Apocalypse, he’d bought Book 1 at SupaNova. Then I received another a ‘blast from the past’ with another surprise visit from an old friend. Someone I hadn’t seen in 17 years, also from my former life as a musician.
The venue was perfect. Each day I exited the halls and walked into the vibrant atmosphere of Darling Harbour. Food and a beverage were so easy to find. Shops were open late. It was such a buzz.
I had an amazing time at Oz Comic-con Sydney and I’m sad it’s over. It highlighted how much I love being a creator and how much I love being behind the scenes. The highlights of the weekend were: being interviewed on camera for a YouTube podcast, running into old friends, meeting so many wonderful people, watching all the cosplay outfits, seeing families cosplay together, meeting authors both indie and tradition. I will be back next year.


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