Book spotlight - Lesser of Two by Mirren Hogan and Erin Yoshikawa

Book spotlight on suspense thriller "Lesser of Two" by Mirren Hogan and Erin Yoshikawa.
"Lesser of Two" is a thriller/ suspense, written by Mirren Hogan and Erin Yoshikawa. It's their second book together and Mirren's forth. Although they often write fantasy, "Lesser of Two" contains the same humour, darkness, and strong characters featured in all of their work.

 Lesser of Two
Sometimes trusting the wrong person can get you killed.
Popular novelist Nick Riley has the perfect life and a loving girlfriend, until he accompanies his friend Al to Thailand. Here, he discovers Al’s penchant for murder. Can Nick save himself and the people he loves before a string of deaths is pinned on him?
Experience the twisted heart of evil.
Avail in ebook and paperback
Ebook: 273 pages
Paperback: 288 pages
ISBN: 978-1979078474
Genre: Suspense


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