From fairy tales to young adult paranormal romance

My earliest memory of falling in love with a book was a collection of fairy tales. Beautiful stories. Colourful pictures. Magical lands. Fairy tales feature a large cast of characters from princesses, princes, ogres, witches, wolves, sailors, trolls, stepsisters, kings, frogs, giants, geese.  

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One of my all-time favourite fairy tales is Rumplestiltzkin. It's no surprise that when I first started writing I wanted to write a retake on Rumplestiltzkin, and I will still do this as part of my Shivers novellas range. Don't know why I didn't think of this before now. Yes, it will be made into a novella. I'm so excited. But this won't be the first time I've created a fairy tale of sorts.

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One Little Spell is a magical tale of young love. Not my words, a reader coined that phrase and I unashamedly use it because it's exactly what I wanted to depict when I wrote it.

When it wrote One Little Spell, a young adult paranormal romance, I thought back on fairy tales for a part of the plot. Ruby Parker is a 16 year old who dies after an argument with her boyfriend, Leo Culver. Ruby is tricked by a ghost into using a magic spell to return from the grave. As with all magic there's a catch, she can't return in her own body. So she selects a host and returns to be with Leo. Except Leo thinks she's someone else. So she tricks him into spending time with her because she believes he will know it's really her beneath the fa├žade. When she finally reveals herself, Leo is not happy about being tricked and he rejects her.

Does this trickery sound familiar? It should. Trickery has played a major part in most fairy tales. Someone bad tricks someone good and then the tables are turned so that the bad person is tricked and justice is served. Fairy tales are full of them. Don't believe me, go read a collection of fairy tales and you'll understand what I mean.

In this case Ruby isn't bad, she's just misguided and her intentions are good. I truly loved adding this trickery aspect into the story. Especially the part where she reveals herself and it goes horribly wrong.
In "One Little Spell", Ruby makes a real mess of things and uses one last magic spell to undo all the other magic. I also wanted to write a lot of disaster into this story as a way of highlighting that life is full of disasters, even when you're young. And while they seem insurmountable, with enough time, things turn out okay, and that's something that people don't always hear often enough.

"One Little Spell" is a sweet romance that would make a great present for a teenager this Christmas. I hope you'll give it a read.

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Don't take my word for it. Here are lots of reviews from readers who'd enjoyed this story.
The Reviews:
"As a singer myself, it really impressed me that she combined all of her talents — writing, songwriting and singing — to bring this poignant YA paranormal to life. Well done!" - Robin Covington, USA Today
"Ruby...oh Ruby is a fun character to read." -  Lovely Reads Publishing
"This is a great book for teens and young adults, and even adults will enjoy the book. A fun read." - Michelle Randall, Readers Favorite
"This was a marvelous book. When I read this book it made me realize how a fight could mess up your entire life." - Lit Pit Reviews
"And unexpected end to this ghostly story will surprise even the most ardent reader." - Radar News
"At first I thought that this book would me more like a fairy tale. However it was so much more. It had time travel, ghosts, curses, family life and most of all love." - Deal Sharing Aunt
"A nice little read with plenty of interesting characters, teenage blundering, and in the end, some solid life tips - particularly for young women." Geekory Do
"Lovely YA paranormal romance." TiffyFit Avid Book devourer, Amazon
"This is a sad, heart-wrenching book that will end up putting a smile on your face.." - Lynda Dickson, Books Direct Online
"I really enjoyed this book. It was full of depth, emotion, adventure, real- life moments and a bit of my fav, paranormal!" - Library Thing
"I liked the characters. I felt like the author made them very real. They had depth and personality." - Bri Wignall, Goodreads


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