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Is gambling the new culture of indie publishing?

I thought I'd write a quick blog post in response to the recent Goodreads announcement to charge upwards of $119 for indie authors to host a giveaway. I said quick, but it has become a longer post, because I'm very concerned about this new "gambling" culture that is sneaking its way into the publishing world.     Goodreads was bought out by Amazon a few years ago. We have all been waiting to see where this venture would head. It seems that it's following the trend of encouraging authors to gamble their money in the hopes of making sales, attaining reviews, getting exposure, punching through that glass ceiling.   Not a lot of indie authors are happy with the announcement by Goodreads and we're making our dissatisfaction known. But will it make any difference? Or will authors in ten years time be saying "we need to stop this culture of exploitation and paying for promises that are never delivered".   I call this the 'golden ticket&