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Coffee chat with Brian Andrews, author of thriller, espionage, science fiction

It's a pleasure to welcome to my virtual café, Brian Andrews. Brian is a best selling author of military fiction and espionage thrillers, a former US Navy Vet, and  Park Leadership Fellow. He has a master’s degree in business from Cornell, and holds a psychology degree from Vanderbilt. He is a husband, father, and advocate of planetary stewardship. He would also like to someday take a walk on Mars. Welcome Brian,   DL: Firstly, since this is a coffee chat, how do you take your coffee (or not as has been the case), and what is your favourite time of the day to partake?   BRIAN: Ahhh, coffee… nectar of the gods and quite possibly the single greatest human culinary achievement. I prefer my coffee hot, with steamed milk and a hint of sugar.   DL: As a Navy vet, has writing Military Thrillers been a therapeutic outlet for you, or is it a case of you feel there should be more believability in this genre and you can deliver these details?   BRIAN: Great question! The legend

Writing and self-publishing a trilogy. Do you do it one by one or all at once?

As I’m nearing the final stages of self-publishing Book 3 of my sci-fi/apocalyptic trilogy, it has occurred to me that there were 2 ways to go about writing a trilogy and I chose one way. Was it the right way? The two ways to write and publish a trilogy are: 1.        Write the books 1 at a time and publish as they are completed 2.        Write all 3 books and release them a few months apart   I chose the Option 1 while writing "Welcome to theApocalypse". My reasons were personal. I suspect other authors choose their way for personal reasons as well.   Writing and self-publishing a trilogy Part 1. Write the books 1 at a time and publish as they are completed My reason for choosing to write and publish as they were completed are this: I had spent so long writing book 1, it had undergone major re-writes, plus I had written the first drafts to not one, but two other books while waiting for publisher and agents to reply to my pitches. The first man

Goddess Fish Promotions: Blurb Blitz: Welcome to the Apocalypse Trilogy by ...

It's easy to sign up to spread the word about my sci-fi series. Book 3 is out May 9. Why not join in on the fun. You can win a $15 Amazon Gift Card. There's also a prize for your readers too! I would love it if you could assist by spreading the word for this trilogy. These characters learn through out the series how important family is to them. Goddess Fish Promotions: Blurb Blitz: Welcome to the Apocalypse Trilogy by ... : Goddess Fish Promotions is organizing a Virtual Blurb Blitz Tour for Welcome to the Apocalypse Trilogy by D L Richardson, a Science Ficti...

My Top 10 scary sounds, movies, books, places and everything else!

To celebrate this Friday the 13th I’ve put together a Top 10 list of things that scare me or fascinate me about the occult .    I also asked readers to tell me what scared them. Scroll to the bottom to read what scares some of my readers.   1. Dolls , C lowns, and Creepy Marionettes     I was about 10 years old when I watched a cop show on TV, and there was a scene with a porcelain doll sitting in the backyard at night. Children playing with dolls are okay. It’s when dolls are sitting there on their own waiting for someone to play with them that they creep me out. Because dolls eventually get fed up with waiting and they come to life and seek to kill us for ignoring them. Clowns and puppets five me the same creep factor, and if you make a clown or creepy doll into a marionette. What on earth is the fascination with crafting creepy clowns into puppets? They were all the craze when I was growing up. Someone in the neighbourhood would spend ages creating clowns that