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10 things about spies you never knew

Writers get so busy with marketing their new releases that their back catalog of books can get forgotten about. I thought I'd put together some of the things I've leaved about spies while researching for Resident Spy , a YA supernatural novel that I thoroughly enjoyed writing and doing research on. 10 things about spies you never knew 1. Spies or Spooks? I found out while researching the CIA for my agent who goes undercover in a pharmaceutical factory that 'spying' is what they do, but they call themselves 'spooks', because they don't exist on paper. They are essentially ghosts. But I still called Dylan Black a spy in the book because it's a familiar term.  2. In addition to tracking nearly 1,500 presidential death threats per year, the Secret Service also investigates credit fraud, financial crimes, identity theft, counterfeiting, and computer fraud. Source 3. Spies ready 'spy fiction' and review them for their accuracy, or inaccuracy,

Coffee chat with Deryn Pittar, author of Lutapolii, a delightful YA book about dragons

DL: Firstly, since this is a coffee chat, how do you take your coffee (or not as has been the case), and what is your favourite time of the day to partake?   DERYN: Hi Debbie, Thank you for this opportunity to talk to you. As to coffee? I love a long black, with water on the side. Must have sugar! And, always before midday – otherwise I stay awake at night -   plotting novels, which isn’t a bad thing but can be exhausting. DL: You write in a mix of genres - fantasy, romance, cozy mystery, Young Adult, Sci-Fi and short stories. Can you tell us why you choose to write across all genres, as opposed to sticking to one genre or as opposed to creating pseudonyms for your different styles? DERYN: I often get an idea and chase it down the rabbit hole. Sometimes it’s a short story and sometimes a short story turns into a novel later on. Often I am inspired by a premise set for a contest and will write to the prescribed rules. If the premise says ‘creature’ I need to create one.

eBook 1 of Welcome to the apocalypse ON SALE for 99c

I'm finalizing my round of edits for "Earth Quarantined", getting it ready for a professional editor, and part of my marketing plan for Earth Quarantined is to put the eBook 1 of Welcome to the apocalypse ON SALE for 99c. So it's on sale. That's great for the lucky readers who have yet to start the series. All three books are available. Grab your copy at all these sites: AMAZON: B&n: KOBO ITUNES: SMASHWORDS :

How I chose my book title for "Earth Quarantined"

Writers are often asked how they came up with the title for a book or series. Some books go through many working titles, others have a confirmed title from day one. that's what happened to "Welcome to the Apocalypse", "The bird with the Broken Wing", and " Poison in the Pond". However, two of my young adult titles have had names changes. One mistake I made in one of my YA titles was coming up with a title that readers had to read the story to get. That's fine if you can get readers to read the book, but what if they're relying on cover and title to be convinced? My current series  "Earth Quarantined" has undergone many rewrites and has had many names. It began life as "T he Disregarded", but before that it had a few other working titles which I can't even recall. Then it became " Sacrifice the Many" because I did a James Patterson online writing course and my brain was thinking in terms of thrill

Planning your book's Free or 99c ebook promotion

It is said that authors are the best people to promote their own books, and there are days when I think this was said just to shuffle the workload and blame back onto us. But the truth is that we are the best people to promote our books because we love our books more than anyone else. The other truth is that promotion is part of an author's daily now. But don't just go rushing off to book your ads and newsletter blasts and 99c promos, because there are few things you need to consider first. You must have a REASON to promote. It's costly and time consuming, and if you don't know why you're doing this it can be a waste of that time and money. I'm putting book one of my "Welcome to the Apocalypse" series on sale for 99c a few weeks in August, and the first thing I do before organising any promotion is to work out WHY? So I wrote this at the top of my to do list:   What is my goal for this promotion? There are a few r