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10th book birthday celebration

The 10th book celebrations are almost over. Yes, Earth Quarantined is my 10th book published. I’m exhausted because the release party started 3 months ago. And now it’s almost done but it was a lot of fun. I hope you had a fun time too. I didn’t play as many party or game activities as I would have liked, because I ended up busy with running the blog tour and getting the print book ready.  It came in time for my gathering of friends. Special mentions go out to my Batemans Bay crew who helped me eat the cake – Alicia, Mitch, their son Robbie, Jasmine, Jamie, Barry, Gloria, Donna, and my amazing husband Ian. One highlight of the afternoon was buying a bottle of sparkling wine for S18.50. I’d expected to pay $10 more. I love a bargain.  Some people couldn’t attend, but they promised they’d catch up with me to purchase their own copy. Of course it will be signed. You know who you are. It’s on its way.  The blog tour wielded some news subscribers to my newsletter. So yah to me.

Top 5 ways to promote a book that cost nothing

You've just read a book and you loved it. Maybe you find writing reviews intimidating but you still want to recommend a book. Maybe you haven't gotten around to reading a book but it's on your to be read pile. Maybe you just love supporting indie authors. Maybe you want to support more indie authors but you can't afford to buy every book. All of these are valid reasons to promote a book or your favorite author. And with the holidays coming, now is the perfect time to start recommending books. Maybe you're an author and you've come here looking ways to promote your book that cost nothing. You can encourage your readers to do all these for your books. Make it part of the new release part. Give free ebooks for the most recommendations or most creative placement of your book. 'Word of mouth' promotion is still one of the most effective means of advertising a book. quite simply, a personal recommendation from a reader is far more powerful

Photos from Oz Comic Con, Sydney 2018

It seems to take as long to unwind from planning an event as it does to actually plan the event. I attended Oz Comic Con, Sydney on 29 and 30 September at the Sydney Darling Harbour Convention Centre, and I'm only now getting around to sharing the photos of the trip, but these are the tourist photos I took. After setting up the stall I needed a walk around Darling Harbour and a restaurant had these converted metal suitcases into a counter.  These are photos from outside the Chinese Gardens. They were open while I was inside selling books. A lovely spot to relax. Caught up with some author friends and Darling Harbour put on fireworks. Yeah, I like to tell myself they did it for us. Before I headed home I wanted to check out my old workplace. I worked at Festival Records in the sales department from 1993 to 1999. It is still one of the best jobs of my life. It was so much fun to see bands most nights of the week. 63 Miller S

Earth Quarantined virtual book tour Nov 15-30, 2018

It’s almost release day for Earth Quarantined, a new alien occupation fiction novel by the author of Welcome to the Apocalypse. If you like alien occupation fiction, then this book is for you. It’s like ‘The Expanse’ but played out on Earth. Aliens brought peace to Earth and promised us the technology for interstellar travel. 300 years later and they still haven't given us this technology. They're lying to us. What they don’t know is that we’re lying to them... Follow this virtual book tour for a chance to win Amazon giftcard. Follow to read excerpts and guest posts and book reviews. Let's meet the blog hosts and reviewers? REMINDER - THE EBOOK IS ON SALE FOR $2.99 UNTIL NOV 30 DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY HERE Nov 15 Sapphyria's Books (excerpt) Boundless Book Reviews (excerpt) The BookWorm Drinketh (excerpt + review) The Bookworm Lodge (excerpt) Nov 16 Casey Moss Books  (excerpt + guest po

Coffee chat with UK author Laura Laakso

It’s my pleasure to take a break from the hectic promotional schedule and invite into my virtual cafe a UK based author or urban fantasy, Laura Laakso. She is a Finn who has lived for most of her adult life in England. She is an accountant, dog trainer and author. "Fallible Justice" is her debut novel and the first in her paranormal crime series Wilde Investigations. Welcome Laura. DL: Firstly, since this is a coffee chat, how do you take your coffee (or not as has been the case), and what is your favourite time of the day to partake? LAURA: I try to avoid caffeine and I’m not one for tea either, but I do love hot chocolate. It’s at its best when made from scratch, preferably with coconut milk and cardamon. I like to curl up on the sofa in the evening with a big mug (or a small vat) of hot chocolate and either a good book or a laptop. DL: You work full time as an accountant. So firstly well done on finding time to write. I too have a part-time job with n

Launching a book is a lot like planning a wedding

It's 8 days till release. I have 5 browsers open on the computer; multiple word documents and excel spreadsheets all keeping track of the blog posts and reviewers I've sent materials to; plus I have my notepad and dozens of post-its with all the last minute things that still need to be done before Earth Quarantined is officially released on November 15. Planning a book launch is a lot like planning a wedding. I worry that the weather will ruin everything, I worry that I've forgotten something major, I worry that nobody will show up, I worry that I paid too much for the frills. So it's 8 days before release and I've been getting up at 5am to answer emails and send out the review copies and create banners for the pre-tour buzz. My notepad has gone from one page of things to do, to 3 pages. I've got ads booked, ads planned. I'm contacting publicity companies for rates to compare what I'm doing versus what they'll do. The newsletters are

Sign up now for book tour for Earth Quarantined Nov 15 - 30, 2018

Earth Quarantined is the latest sci-fi series by the author of Welcome to the Apocalypse. The release date is November 15,  2018. You can sign up here to take part in the tour. Book title: Earth Quarantined Author: D L Richardson Genre: sci-fi / alien occupation Blurb: World peace came, just not from this world. The year is 2355. The deadly virus that killed millions of people is gone, thanks to the quarantine measures put in place by the Criterion, an alien species who appeared just in time to save the human race. In exchange for complying with their tough control measures, the Criterion promised us the technology for interstellar travel. We’ve done all they’ve asked, yet we’re still on Earth with no way of getting into deep space. The Criterion are lying to us. What they don’t know is that we’re lying to them. Kethryn Miller is an award-winning actress, but nothing will prepare her for the role she’ll take on when a st