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When books have similar covers and titles

Nora Roberts was recently accused of stealing a book title. Her response was that a) she didn’t, and b) you can’t copyright a book title. It’s true. You also can’t copyright an idea. And with over 15 million books on Amazon, copycat titles, ideas, and book covers are bound to happen. My post today is about book covers that are similar to other books, or covers that use the exact same image with different fonts.  Unless you’re commissioning an artist or photographer to create a one-off image, chances are your cover designer will select and combine images from the stock suppliers – Shutterstock, Pixeby, Deposit Photos – and any other number of sites, and then wave their wand and combine multiple images to create a book cover. But sometimes one image is powerful enough that we don't want to mess with it. When that happens, one book cover can be similar to another. This issue of similar covers isn’t exclusive to indie publishers who have a limited budget and might be accused