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New writing adventures, sequels, and getting busy writing

First off, I want to thank everyone who bought a copy, promoted, and reviewed Earth Quarantined which was released in November 2018. This book's release was a great success. It was my best seller in November, it sold great in December (only surpassed by Welcome to the Apocalypse because it went on sale) and Earth Quarantined sold well into January 2019. It's still ticking along nicely with sales. It seems that 10 books really is the charm.

I started out writing Earth Quarantined as a standalone novel about the problems two strangers face when they discover each other, but it ended up becoming a much bigger story than just these two characters. So while this book has a complete ending (their initial problems are resolved), but it also has an open ending (the entire world's problems still need to be fixed. I fear it might take an encyclopedia of books to solve that one!)

Just as I cranked out 25,000 words on the second book in Earth Arrested (Book 2), I stumbled across a new writing opportunity. 

One writing rule is to place your character/s in a situation where they are faced with a difficult choice. I gotta say, my characters don't like being faced with these situations, neither do I. But face it I did.

It was at this point where I wished I could clone myself so one of me could write the sequels to Earth Quarantined, and one of me could write books in this new venture. Suffice to say, I can't be split in two. So I made the call to plunge headfirst into this new venture. You can read about it in this post LINK. I'm giving myself 6 months (end of June 2019) to write and edit this new series. Then I will pick up where I left off and get the sequels to Earth Quarantined finished. I'm hoping to get them finished by the end of 2019.

I think I'll release these next 2 Earth books simultaneously. I've found this is one of the problems with writing books that have follow-up stories. Readers get swept up in the story and this it stops!!! and many readers don't want to buy book 1 in case there are no further books. I promise, there will be.

So I'm getting busy writing to get all 5 books finished in 2019. I know many of you enjoyed my coffee chats with authors, and my posts about writing and marketing tips, but these are also on hold for this year.

So that's it for now. Hope you are all doing well and life is being kind to you. Thanks again for buying, reading, and reviewing my books!

D L Richardson


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