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Earth Quarantined promo video

Welcome to the Apocalypse promo video

Earth Quarantined research - Interesting facts about the Moon

There’s something reassuring about gazing up at night to see the Moon, whether she is waxing, waning, or showing her full body. It’s as if she watches over us and acts as silent witness to things that go on during her shift. While the stars are unattainable, the Moon often feels within our reach. She has also been romanticized, written about, sung about, gazed upon, sacrificed to, cursed upon, worshipped, feared, and walked upon. While writing my latest sci-fi novel about aliens occupying Earth and the need for a rebel station, I chose to base this rebel station on the Moon. It was a lot of fun researching the Moon so I could provide descriptions as accurate as possible, not simply because I wanted to create a level of credibility, but out of respect for the Moon. I’m not the only person who is fascinated by her. She is one celestial being that appears in real life events, superstition, mythology and folklore, as well as science fiction and fantasy fiction. Here are a f

Long awaited sequels - writing update

I was browsing the online book stores when I came across the sequel to "The Handmaid's Tale". It's only 34 years later. And I thought I'd be keeping my readers waiting by postponing the two follow up books to "Earth Quarantined" series by one year.  If you're not aware, the reason for this is that I signed a contract to write 3 books. It's a good problem for a writer to have. However, it means that only after this series is done, can I return to my "Earth " world. And once that series is done, I can then contemplate writing follow up books to my "Apocalypse" world, or any of my young adult novels that could suit a sequel. It makes me feel better knowing that I won't be the only author to delay a sequel, and it certainly won't be for as long as these two authors. Stephen King  never wrote "The Shining" with a sequel in mind. He released a sequel, "Doctor Sleep" in 2013, 36 years after the re