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New post apoc series launches

The newest Frozen World® series from Mission Critical Publishing and international bestselling authors, Jay F. Falconer & M.L. Banner, is now available. Grab your copy of these pulse-pounding, action-thrillers today while the Silo trilogy is on sale!  Which means that my series, set in this world is coming soon. I'm busy doing final edits to book 1, edits to book 2, and then write book 3. It's a big task and I'm so happy to be a part of this project. For now, check out the first three Frozen World® books to find out how it all started… ·          Silo: Summer’s End ( ) $0.99 – 75% off during launch promo ·          Silo: Hope’s Return ( ) $1.99 – 50% off during launch promo ·          Silo: Nomad’s Revenge ( ) $2.99 - 50% off during pre-order