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Cover reveal "Dog Town" and Oz Apocalypse update

I really don't know how people who are deep into editing a novel have time to do any social media. I used to write blog posts and send out regular newsletters and lots of Facebook posts. Then I remember that I've not only been neck-deep into writing and editing for the past year, but I've had to deal with life's challenges too. My mother went into hospital twice, my husband broke his leg, I took a little holiday, we had to deal with bushfires, I sprained my ankle. Not complaining, just wondering where all my time has gone and is there somewhere I can ask for a do-over. But I did manage to squeeze in production on this kid's book. I wrote it ages ago and it just needed a tweak. It should be ready for March release. The cover is done and ready to reveal. What do you think? And finally, book one of my post-apoc trilogy set in Oz is very close to having a release date.