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When is the right time to create a pseudonym?

I write speculative fiction, which encompasses, sci-fi, supernatural, horror, paranormal, basically anything that doesn't fit into the romance, crime or literary categories. I like to write what I like to write. However, lately I am finding that the lines are blurring, especially since I am releasing a middle-grade fiction book about cats and dogs. I also want to write horror fairy tales and dark vampire stories. So I have decided to create a pseudonym for my supernatural thrillers and horror line of books for a few reasons: 1. I have 3 published young adult books, 1 middle-grade fiction book, and 4 adult apocalyptic/dystopian books. These creepy stories don't quite fit neatly in the middle.  2. These titles weren't selling. If I can get anyone to read these novellas, they love them. But I am having trouble getting readers, because of the point above possibly. When I decided to update the covers and the theme, I also played around with a new name, something that match

When an older book title finds new readers

I'm having a great year of sales of the print book of my very first published book "The Bird with the Broken Wing" . This book was first published in 2011 through Etopia Press. The publisher dumped it (and a lot of other YA titles) in 2014 and the rights reverted back to me. I messed about with a few self-made book covers, just to keep the title up on Amazon, but I realized I had to get a professional cover created. Mine were just woeful. The first book cover was so beautiful, a design by Eithné Ní Anluaín , and I wanted to keep the same theme. I contracted Ryn Katryn, Digital Art Group to create a cover that was equally as beautiful. Sales on the print copy of this book that was first published in 2011 have been surprisingly good. It is by far my best selling title of 2019/2020. I couldn't be more happy. This is still one of my personal favorites. I'm so happy that it is finding new readers, mostly in United Kingdom, United States, and Germany, and mostly th