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Marketing tool for authors - the swipe page

Hello,  It's April 1 which means my middle-grade fiction novel 'Dog Town' is officially released. Part of my promotion is to send this book on a virtual book tour, organised through Goddess Fish Promotions. It also means a few very busy days of social media posting and blog visits. Which brings me to an essential marketing tool for authors: the 'swipe page'. A 'swipe page' is a Word document with a range of links and text that you can easily copy and paste - i.e you swipe to copy the link or text - to save you sorting through documents and websites for this information.  Trust me, when you are busy promoting your novel, your 'swipe page' will become your best friend.  Links and text I like to include are as follows: Links to my book Links to my social media sites and website Twitter and Instagram hashtags Links to blog sites Any 'copy' I might use such as tag lines and short exciting blurbs. I will write a few of these so