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Finding motivation in lockdown.

Can I share a little secret with you? I'm losing my motivation to read and write. It's a common threa d I'm seeing on Facebook that a person's creativity is becoming a casualty of lockdown. We're all supposed to have this extra time to do something. But often it's not time that prevents us. It's motivation. I did a quick count of all the paperbacks on my shelf that I have yet to read. 91. I have 91 books on my "to be read" pile. That isn't counting the number on my Kindle. I should be devouring these books. Instead, I'm binge-watching "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" and "Titans". So how am I finding motivation in lockdown? I'm sharing covers for two of my upcoming writing projects. I don't normally do this. I normally wait until a book is released to share the covers, but this time I need a little extra push. "Earth Arrested" book 2 in my sci-fi thriller series "Earth Quarantined" "The Wi

Dark, Edgy & Dangerous - Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Today, I have a fun surprise to share with you... My alter ego, Jonette Blake, has teamed up with 45 fantastic authors to give away a huge collection of Dark Mysteries & Thrillers to 2 lucky winners ! Oh, and did I mention the Grand Prize winner gets a BRAND NEW eReader? 😁   You can win my novel POISON IN THE POND , plus books from authors like Shirley Hailstock and Mary Widdicks. Enter the giveaway by clicking here 👉 Good luck and enjoy!