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New trend in book covers and how indie authors can adapt faster

2020. What a year to forget. Oh, wait, it's not over yet. Many writers and readers across the globe are finding it hard to stay motivated. I can understand that. 2020 sucks. Like a lot of people, I'm stuck at home. Also like a lot of people, I'm looking around the house and thinking about how dated all my furniture looks. I can't afford to just replace it all and get the whole house renovated, so what can I do? I can look at my creations and give them a makeover. This is one of the great benefits of being an indie author. We can adapt quickly to new trends if need be. I noticed a comment on a Facebook thread from a successful author who was giving advice on a book cover, that the trend for covers was moving to text and image.  I decided to check out some book covers on the bestseller lists, and discovered that this author was right. There were lots of books without people on the covers. Just text and image.  Who is driving this push? Is it the traditional publishers who