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January news - Reading pile, Earth Arrested, Books stats and more

  January news: Only 20 days in and so far so good. How is it going for you? READING AT THE GYM: I've had a great morning stocking up on books for my Kindle. I've discovered that reading books while on the exercise bike at the gym helps me get to the 30-minute mark faster. I get so engrossed in the book I reckon I could go longer, but the legs wouldn't like that. EARTH ARRESTED : is on schedule for its February 19 release. I need to ask for your help, please. If you have read Earth Quarantined, book 1, and you think it worthy of writing a review on Amazon, please do so. When it comes to reviews, it truly is a case of 'the more the merrier'. ebook link to Amazon: Other links are on my website: You can also add it to your Goodreads shelf: BOOK STATS: Do you like stats as much as I do? 'The Bird with the Broken Wing'