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The Bookshelf Fairy: Earth Arrested - Book Tour and Giveaway

The Bookshelf Fairy: Earth Arrested - Book Tour and Giveaway :  

Earth Arrested by D L Richardson book tour: A new threat is coming.

  Earth Arrested Earth Quarantined Book 2 by D.L. Richardson Genre: SciFi Dystopian Thriller A new threat is coming. Earth Arrested follows the story of Kethryn Miller and Neah, twins who didn't know of each other's existence. One lived a celebrity lifestyle, the other lived in a hidden underground city. The existence of twins is forbidden under Truce Law, and Neah's escape from the hidden city brought humanity's crimes to the attention of the aliens who were keeping Earth under tight control. In Earth Arrested, the race is on to achieve space travel before the fleet of ships sitting on the edge of our solar system arrives. This fleet contains the Criterion leader, and she is coming to do what the first alien colonists failed to do: destroy all humanity. Humanity can't surrender to this new alien occupation. But our fragile planet also can't take another war. Then there is an important factor that both humans and aliens are forgetting: there is a third side armi