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Update on Earth Reclaimed, book 3 in the Earth Quarantined trilogy

Welcome to my blog.  My Earth Quarantined series is getting a great welcome on this book tour. Some early reviewers have alerted me to typos. So my sincere apologies. I am fixing these now and uploading a new version to Amazon.  Work on the third book is well underway. I have a few personal issues affecting my writing.  Firstly, I rescued a cat from our drain. Found out he was eleven years old, so I decided to officially adopt him. It has been an adjusting period having another pet in the house. Our thirteen-year-old dog has needed more adjusting than me because the cat is more enamored with the dog than the dog is enamored with it. As I am typing this, the cat is trying to sit on top of me and the dog at the same time. We’ve finally developed a routine, though the cat still doesn’t quite know boundaries. (He is now sitting on my arm.) His name is Panther, though because of his age I often call him Old Man that I was considering changing his name to Dax. If you’re a Star Trek fan you’l