Update on Earth Reclaimed, book 3 in the Earth Quarantined trilogy

Welcome to my blog. 

My Earth Quarantined series is getting a great welcome on this book tour. Some early reviewers have alerted me to typos. So my sincere apologies. I am fixing these now and uploading a new version to Amazon. 

Work on the third book is well underway. I have a few personal issues affecting my writing. 

Firstly, I rescued a cat from our drain. Found out he was eleven years old, so I decided to officially adopt him. It has been an adjusting period having another pet in the house. Our thirteen-year-old dog has needed more adjusting than me because the cat is more enamored with the dog than the dog is enamored with it. As I am typing this, the cat is trying to sit on top of me and the dog at the same time. We’ve finally developed a routine, though the cat still doesn’t quite know boundaries. (He is now sitting on my arm.) His name is Panther, though because of his age I often call him Old Man that I was considering changing his name to Dax. If you’re a Star Trek fan you’ll recognize the reference.  

And then medical emergencies with my mother happened. 

In essence, this is what life does. It throws spanners into the works, curveballs, cats amongst pigeons, poo into the fan. As a writer, I ask my characters to deal with everyday issues as well as trying to save the world or their life. Kethryn Miller and Neah know so well how life throws issues at them to deal with as well as fight for planet Earth. If life went smoothly, nobody would want to read about it. So long story short, I am midway through Earth Reclaimed, book 3 in the Earth Quarantined series. This book will have a final twist that wraps up the trilogy nicely. 

I have to admit that my dystopian alien occupation series is feeling a lot like reality at the moment. With a deadly virus, quarantines, and lockdowns. I had this storyline in my head about 5 years ago, long before the Coronavirus swept the globe. But I would like to assure you that the virus in my Earth Quarantined series is not a major character. This series isn't about the virus, it's about the occupation that came after an alien race saved us from it. 


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