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How writing novels has improved my song writing

The songwriting muse has been hitting me over the head. I've been writing a song a week and these are the best songs I've written in my life. The music and melodies are better. The lyrics are my finest.  For those who don't know, I used to be a singer/songwriter/musician in my late-teen through to my mid-twenties. I gave it up to write novels.  So why are my songs better now? It's because novel writing has taught me to dig deep, to build a character, to connect with an audience, to find the truth and uncover it, and not be afraid to uncover it.  Authors develop characters in their novels. One way to do this is called 'the ghost of the lie', where the author might do a character interview to find out what is motivating them to act a certain way. For example, a single man never goes beyond the third date with any woman. When pushed by his friends why he won't settle down, he says it's because he is almost finished with his boat and he's going to sail a