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How I used forensic science in my murder mystery novel.

Todays' blog post is about how I used forensic science in my murder mystery novel. I loved doing the research for the cause of death in THE WIDOW CATCHER . What I learned is that they call it Forensic Science for a reason, because the rules of death are grounded in absolutes. If too much blood is lost, a person dies. If too many internal organs are damaged, a person dies. If there is no oxygen, a person dies.  In thrillers and mysteries, unless there is a supernatural element, we rarely have scope for miraculous recoveries. People may survive gunshot wounds, but they cannot dodge bullets. People may survive being held underwater for a period of time, but they cannot breathe underwater. I typically write fantasy and science fiction, so writing THE WIDOW CATCHER made for some interesting writing when I searched for ways in which the protagonist would kill his victim while abiding by the rules of death in the natural world. I turned to my trusty ‘Encyclopedia of Forensic Science’ w