About me

D L Richardson is the best selling author of science fiction and supernatural fiction. Her books have received starred reviews in Readers Favorite, Chick-Lit Cafe, and BestThrillers.com. She has walked to the rim of a volcano in Vanuatu and snowboarded down its ashen slope, skied in Canada and Alaska, and often goes on camping and hiking trips to the lakes and mountains.  

She has held jobs at  Festival Records and Paramount Pictures, and once owned a second-hand clothing store.  She is also a former singer/songwriter/bass player who gave it all away to write novels. She regrets nothing! To quote a Lita Ford song, "Rock and roll made me what I am today".
When she's not writing she is reading, watching Netflix, renovating the house, playing her piano or guitar, or walking the dog.
You can learn more about her books on her website www.dlrichardson.com


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